Monday, June 5, 2017

Damage report Mr. Sulo

I saw a bit of a hockey documentary about the Islanders from the early 80s.  I forgot how good those teams were.  They won 19 straight series until losing to the Oilers in '84.  I rarely hear anything about that team and somehow I envisioned it being longer ago than that.  Gretzky mentioned when they lost to them in the finals in '83 they had to walk by their dressing room.  They looked beat up and he told his team that's what it is going to take to win.

I don't play hockey (though I'm cheering on my Pens), but did ask myself if this is the mentality needed to embrace progress in future training.  Go on any blog with master+ runners and the theme is constant; stuff isn't working as before.  The idea that it can take 3-4 miles to warm-up is unnerving.  Being stiff as an ironing board all over is almost comical.  I don't want to run less "smarter" miles, I want to go on a mileage bender.  Little pains in the past used to heal up and easily go away.  Now it seems like a barnacle permanently attached.  It's annoying.

Don't get me wrong.  I am grateful I can still run the miles I do.  Many have been derailed and it is ponderous.

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