Friday, June 9, 2017

Used to love that Econoline

As a lifelong runner of sorts, I still relish in finding races and cobbling together a training venue.  Nothing is really off the table and for better or worse it is usually a longer distance.  Not sure why because the shorter distances always seemed to go better for me.  I struggle at efforts over 50 miles.  I have finished 1 of 3 100 milers attempted.  This isn't a bone of contention, but the idea pulls me back in.  I do want to do another one.  So, like everyone else I look up events and even training plans.  I should just go and Charlie Weaver it for the finish, but that is hard to do.

I want to go on record to state I have resigned myself from making any goal race plans until after July 4th.  Let me get a month of miles in the bank before setting the Kentucky windage.  I can't do everything I would like, but if I can get 300 miles in for June then I can pick anything to go after.  Back to this internet thing they have.  Who comes up with these running plans?  It is 100 miles.  Show me the baby.  No interest in the diet, equipment, mental focus, cross training Pilates, massage  jack in the box, I'm okay...your okay garbage.  Where is the 100 miles easy on the 80-100 miles a week napkin plan?  We can figure stuff out, otherwise why am I here.  They feed you this..."and butterflies are free to fly," farcical nonsense.  Has anyone seen Its a Wonderful Life?  Remember Nick from Nick's Place when he tells Jimmy Stewart (PA boy) and Clarence, "Look, we serve hard liquor for men who want to get drunk."

Exactly, let's tell it like it is and get to work.  How the Pippy Longstocking am I to survive by doing planks and kettle bells.  Maybe I suck because I don't do these things.  Certainly possible.  Hey maybe you should bike a couple days a week and save your knees.  Who hurts themselves by running 8-12 minute miles in training and slower in a 100?

"Franco this, Franco that.  I hear Franco one more time and I'm coming back."
Jim Brown circa 1982 or 1983?

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