Sunday, March 11, 2018

Fisher's Big Wheel

I went for a run around 1pm today which is unusual for me.  It was nice to run in shorts and the sunshine.  I was out on the Ice Age up by Holy Hill and it was sloppy.  As much as I was enjoying the solitude I became disenchanted when I began hitting 13-14 minute miles due to the footing.  At one of the road sections I just beat it back around on the macadam.  It is remote back there as many of you know.  I just wound it out in low and enjoyed rural Washington County.

Just under 9 weeks to Ice Age and again I want to do well, but the will to do the extra stuff just is not there.  The biggest gain I can make is to drop from 180 to 170.  That's hard to do as I eat the same way I always do.  Seems every time you turn around I'm supposed to be minding something else.  I have zero problem running 60 a week, I just don't have the motivation to look after a sore knee, the PF creeping back,  a week back, and anything that even resembles 8 minute miles let alone 7's.  What am I talking about?  The fastest run I had this week was in Peru, IL on the roads when I blazed 9:30 pace for 9.1 miles.  I saw Beck writing about how retarded this whole exercise is and I can see his point.  I've tried not to ponder the steady decline and yes I should be happy I can still move forward.  Part of my wonderment is how I have fooled myself into believing that achieving 10 minute miles at Ice Age is solid as Sears. 

62.1 miles this week on 6 runs.

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  1. Hey! Just me cranking out harmless advice. I think you need a stretching program. Perhaps one day of the week should be dedicated to a yoga class if you could afford it. It would change things up a little. If you ever do yoga go very, very easy at first. Just like a car the body needs an alignment. Nice job with the sixty!