Monday, September 9, 2019

Just a bit outside

I’m off today.  What that means any longer I am not sure.  There is always the feeling like something needs to done, or moved forward.  Honestly it can get old.  We have about 10 things in our life we do repeatedly +1 and we go about claiming how great it is.  If anything, running allows me to have the conception of a goal/adventure and matriculate towards that end.  I also enjoy watching others go through the process at all levels.  Yes I still go to HS meets occasionally.  Yes I track my friends progress on my phone running 100 milers.  Running or jogging now-a-days is and can be selfish on my end because I can and have let it be 2-3+ hours a day.  Not all running time mind you, but travel, get ready, etc.  I ran 84.7 miles last week.  That’s a lot for me, but I just don’t enjoy running a 50 miler on memory.

I’m excited about the Glacial Trail 50 mile.  I have not done that distance there.  It can be challenging with a bit of rugged trail with additional leaf coverage.  Not sure I can break 9 hours, but hey why am I putting in these miles?  I turned my ankle up there last year and that makes for a longer day.  It just seems the faster one is the smoother the trail becomes.  I’d like to get in another solid 3 weeks and then an 11 day taper of sorts.  I have Al’s Run 8k this Saturday, but I am training right through that.  If I break 40 then good enough.  Can’t you see we got the damn ballgame on here?

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